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Nuclear power .. No clean energy 2014

Nuclear fission energy is energy derived from nuclear fission Nuclear when you split the nucleus of neutrons from heavy launch Kallioranjom material, which generates a series of reactions produces great power, such as a uranium atom is split into two ones small (barium Barim and Krypton Krypton), except in three very fast neutrons collide with three atoms of uranium-235, and so on.
And also that nuclear energy is energy derived from nuclear fusion Nuclear Fusion when fused isotopes of light materials at high temperature and pressure very well Ilthmon to form the nucleus of heavy, consequently, great energy race much greater than that The nuclear fission.
But scientists believe that the success of the project to produce energy from nuclear fusion on earth would require tens of years, then the high level required for interaction is not accessible on the surface of the earth, but in scientific labs, at that time, no had materialized today with the exception of periods in a very young age. But some of the statements of leading politicians in the European Union show an increase hopes to achieve this ambition during a period of 15 years at most.
Experimental Reactor ITER located in the south of France, which is separate from the United States, Europe, Japan, China and Russia, and some other countries, work will begin in 2017, the integration of hydrogen and then go in deuterium tritium deuterium and tritium. The next stage is represented in the demo project, which will begin in the early thirties of this century, efforts to ensure energy networks during 2040. This does not mean that nuclear fusion sector is free from radioactive contamination at all, but we can say that radioactive materials arising from these reactors have very short lived radioactive may not exceed one hundred years, rather than millions years in the case of traditional intensive radiation reactor waste. However, the same result in the production of tritium radioactivity of radioactive waste in the long term, but is expected to play in future nuclear fusion reactors, it produces its need for tritium.
With reference to nuclear fission fuel, isotopes of uranium are present in nature, such as U 235, and Isotopes are atoms of the same item of a different number of neutrons but the same number of protons and this means that behave chemically in the same way as the spear of radiation of different isotopes in different amounts. U 235 is the only one isotope of uranium, which is found in nature and is subject to Fission neutrons at low kinetic energy. U238 atoms energy is also negotiable, but when a great movement of neutrons, which is commonly used for the manufacture of weapons. And 'where to find nuclear reactors and nuclear fuel from uranium? Usually resides reports of uranium oxide thin in nature mixed with other materials and rocks after the extraction process and to get raw materials from mines, and besides Osidih grind materials, so being nominated for "yellow cake ", which contain a mixture of oxides composed mainly of uranium oxide U3O8. Through a complex series of additive manufacturing produces enriched uranium is radioactive after.
Monitoring the operations of melting and add Osidih and ammonia for production of uranium hexafluoride UF6, and then separated to produce heavy isotope U 235 and U238. While it is highly enriched uranium used (about 85%), as a nuclear fuel in nuclear weapons, at least enriched uranium used to make nuclear reactors. So, if nuclear power is now available thermal energy which is gained through the process of nuclear fission reactors. And use the heat that emanates from these means of production of energy through nuclear fission and steam turbines powered by water. But the process of nuclear fission, which present environmental risks. What are the risks that may result from radioactive materials industry and the operation of nuclear reactors?
In light of the growing need for energy in the world, and in light of growing global concern problems of climate change and rising temperatures in the atmosphere and its devastating projected to the world during this century, it was the first appearance catastrophe of nuclear reactors in Fukushima in Japan after the earthquake / 11, 3/2011 heading towards nuclear energy as an alternative to traditional energy sources, which produce by burning fossil fuels (coal, oil and gas and its derivatives) which is almost half contributes to pollution affects the world and lead to climate change that we started to see concrete evidence that the last two decades of the twentieth century, in which the resolution of the debate between scientists after observations confirm the high rate of temperature , coupled with an increase in the amount of greenhouse gases in Earth's atmosphere closely, there is no longer any doubt about the cause of climate warmth and constant Tnamea in this century.
With the major industrialized nations monopoly of nuclear energy, has become a target for the development of the industrialized countries, especially those countries that have achieved high economic growth, such as China and India. Well, near there, we are seeing a clear trend towards the creation of nuclear reactors in different regions of the developing world, but also in the world of good. View items Arab 'nuclear' look lovely giant solve intractable problems, push Magic Touch Aladdin's lamp, also noted that the owners of these cartoons easy "scientific development of our energies easily," if scientific capacity is possible only in the field of nuclear energy, and is not able to develop our energy to clean renewable sources such as wind power and solar power, even if the scientific energies in a few years to create and evolve without broad-based foundation has historically!
In addition, the auditor will not find written in some semi-scientific justification for his book, talking to "facilitate financial funding of these projects, and nuclear energy was easy billion dollars to fund clean energy inexhaustible, and types The funding ban? Why gasping to provide "cover the necessary legitimacy for the creation of a peaceful nuclear program," as we read in some of these articles, while other projects should not have any legitimacy outside the scope of national decision, and does not require any internationally and continuous control by dragging the country into dependency trees and oversight agencies, stranger! It is said that this nuclear option "fate" and that if we are late, it will make future generations Tnatna "shortsighted and helplessness", comes in response to your quote by some developed countries, which have the power Fatal abandon its nuclear and discharged to return, and in particular Germany, which would ban the production of nuclear energy completely in 2022. And some European countries tend to be oriented almost the same.
After that, as president of the Japan Center for Economic Research Iwata costs Fukushima reactor accidents - Daiichi in Japan for about $ 245 billion, is the shadow of an adventurer in the face of this challenge is simple to risk the fate of his country that stubbornly ? And to reduce the risk of nuclear reactors is the second goal of the articles I read, as well as projects from the world's nuclear martyrdom (FIB nuclear renaissance), which was initially limited to developing countries in the development of intensive and continued progress in the footsteps of civilization For example, reactors under construction around the world in May 2006, based in India, Russia and China, respectively, in terms of numbers, and the reactors are to be created in the future concentrated in China, India and Russia, so, except for a pair of reactors here, there, and كبلغاريا Czech Republic, Indonesia, Romania, Turkey and other countries, please note that these sites also revised its nuclear projects, if Beilin reactor at Belene in Bulgaria 2 GW capacity.
Developed countries, is the technology that was ready to take part in a nuclear renaissance, but after the Fukushima disaster is now back 11/3/2011 Vasahoh by previous decisions and the trend towards safer energy sources. It is time to recognize that nuclear energy promoters abyss (scientific, intellectual and psychological) between pre-Fukushima and beyond, in a manner similar to the abyss that separated before the events of September 11 and beyond!
No defect or weakness in exchange for a resolution, but the vision and courage is renewed constantly evolving to meet the needs of the prevailing developments in the region, but if a person does not respond to these changes remained stubborn to change storms and impose terms of His. Ironically, publishes articles with titles that promote nuclear power as a clean energy; any detergent followed by the book, and as a source? You stay clean mine or enrich uranium radiation becomes severe rejection or cool and store nuclear power for thousands of years, or perhaps the restoration of the site in the future? Convert flow cooling is a natural solution to the problem if electricity is interrupted, can not inexhaustible source of water for cooling or lines are broken or cracked due to natural or artificial loads? And what will happen to the price of land within a radius of 30 kilometers, maybe more, and what will happen to the prices of agricultural products and farmers to share water from the water used to cool the reactor? It will be the third generation of nuclear reactors safer than previous generations? Have you read the reports of high incidence of cancer around the reactors in Germany of 117% up to a distance of five kilometers from the modern reactors, or statistics that point to take radiation damage, especially in children under the age of nine years, for distances up 50 miles? Have you read about accidents ROM hearing water reactors in the world, which was recently published, and in particular the damage I've done acid additives in the water for a steel shield condom? Sending students abroad is a sufficient condition to achieve the factor of safety and reliability of nuclear power projects? We have to be honest, it does not matter factor increased security in nuclear reactors, there is always the possibility of error, and based on incorrect assumptions and initially developed without testing, or insert new elements, terrorist or coincidences strange physical or not is impossible to be located in an area known for chasing smugglers along the border. And 'likely nuclear disaster Jordan say it does not matter? And 'responsible for any nuclear disaster, it was the power company or agency for nuclear energy or labor organizing body and nuclear radiation, or the Department of Energy, or figures within the project carried on the shoulders Khamshon Jabbar?
It was the recent decision of Germany to remove all nuclear reactors in 2022 a decision imminent stop him, because he did not oppose the decision to fix the electrical load "Line REASONS Germans' Base, as we do? Due that Belgium has recently stopped work on new nuclear reactor still have a prohibitive cost, and lifeless structure Edman Pat? Because Sweden has passed a law in 2003, the company needed to generate electricity stopped working Electrabel All seven nuclear reactors in 2025? And because the Italian people have decided to go for nuclear power altogether and overall rankings referendum appeared on 13.06.2011, rejecting nuclear categorically rejected by an overwhelming majority? Bulgaria second reactor, located on the Danube River in the north, which has stopped working now Russian contractor, began to appreciate the amount of € 4 billion cost, then got up at 5, and quickly jumped to ten billion, in light of the Fukushima disaster, the government has stopped working now.
Increased world production of photovoltaic cells to power of 2500 MW in 2006 to more than 10,500 MW in 2009, more than four times, why? Meanwhile, the reduction of electricity with this technology during this period about 50%. This is not a sufficient indicator of involvement in these projects of national sustainable clean?
The situation is similar in wind power projects, Sweden has doubled production of, for example, wind power during the period between 2006 - 2008, as well as commands in Spain, Germany and other European countries, like Great Britain, as we'll show you an example of Queen Elizabeth II, who has invested in the world's biggest fan of twenty. So why still offers tablespoons project for the production of electricity from wind energy in Jerash, Al Shobak Araouhan Fageej in their country, and because of the neglected areas of the head and Munief Hofa and Safawi, while wind speed ranging 5 -8 meters / second, which is excellent and cheap beyond reasonable doubt? He decided to Queen Elizabeth II of Britain's investment in wind energy to produce clean energy and sustainable, as they are building the largest turbine in the world to consider the "Queen of Green", which will nature and jealous of their pollution caused by the burning of fossil fuels and industrial and agricultural activities diversified. Total capacity for generating column of this giant turbine 10 MW, which means that about two hundred huge fan of these fans only have the power over. If we add the gas badminton care, which can provide power plants, of which at least 200 million cubic meters of gas per day in 2015, the situation would be perfect It boasted Queen Elizabeth air blower buy from you start working for next year, 2012, and then on the shores of Great Britain, and that these "giant Fairy 'a height of 574 meters, which is approaching 200 meters, and giant fan blades that reach a height above the Earth's surface taller than the famous Big Ben clock hanging in the center of London - the British capital.
Queen Elizabeth II and pushes to invest in clean energy knowledge aware of greenhouse gases powered by conventional fuel when it burns, and the conscious recognition, and the size of the contamination, which has hit the world in terms of gas greenhouse, carbon dioxide and methane, nitrous oxide and other gases and compounds contribute to the improvement of the average temperature of Earth's atmosphere and heat busy consequent climate change will lead to the melting of snow at the poles and flooding a lot of beaches and The following countries rising seas and oceans. As the Queen is aware that the world is rapidly removed from the production of nuclear energy, by hand or with the high cost of radiological hazards associated with them, as well as problematic catastrophic environmental pollution that accompanies the uranium extraction process.
Based on the above, the said Queen Elizabeth the giant fan that purchased guaranteed for a period of 30 years, and that, when the length of service of this "giant Fairy", which contributed to the supply of two million barrels of crude oil , or the equivalent of traditional sources of energy, thus helping to save the world that will result from the burning of large quantities of these fossil fuels from carbon dioxide, which scientists estimated weight of about 724 000 tonnes, almost three quarters of a million tons of carbon dioxide; mentioned amounts associated with other gases, such as the burning of sulfur and nitrogen oxides and others. If we compare this figure represents the weight of the carbon produced by Jordan including carbon dioxide, it offers only giant turbine production of carbon dioxide is produced from Jordan in two or three weeks as a result of environmental polluting activities together, and that the burning of fossil fuels for energy production. Queen Elizabeth and aspiring investment in wind power to turn back Britain in producing electricity from clean energy and sustainable, and aspires to become a site for wind turbine resort frequented by tourists along the lines of countless numbers of tourists visiting Britain to see Big Ben and the British Parliament and the Royal Palace and Westminster Cathedral, the countries in the world today seems to follow the example of the British Queen in Inception clean green energy as the key to solving problems The energy in the world and spread the harmony between different cultures, rather than sow the seeds of enmity between nations through the use of nuclear fuel, as a means of arms race again.
Investing in solar energy or wind power does not create rivalry and wars between neighbors, because the sun and wind extended course of each property in their homes do not need to take the place of others to buy, as happened in Iraq .
It is now considered the amount of pollution caused by uranium mining, especially after the Copenhagen summit in 2009 and the Cancun meeting in Mexico, in 2010, in the light of fuzzy renewal of the Kyoto Protocol in 2012 he took part in corridors of the United Nations, and in the drawers of the Framework Convention on Climate Change, it should impose a tax on polluting energy sources, probably about $ 60 per ton of carbon dioxide, is expected to enter into force at the end of 2012, then, the price of nuclear power and energy produced from coal, which launches in the United States alone, 50 tons of mercury per year, it will become one of the most expensive energy. If we add the cost of nuclear power is on the verge of possible damage from uranium and uses of nuclear waste and the risk of war, do not you agree that nuclear energy is the most expensive in the world and the undisputed most dangerous! Arab proverb says, "I ask you not ask for more in essay form, hear the cries began the throats of tens of thousands of protesters on the anniversary of Japan's Fukushima disaster in three months 11/06/2011 encountered in such echo these trends as "very expensive nuclear .. Nuclear .. very dangerous! If the tax pollution coming true every tonne of carbon dioxide emitted from the nuclear industry, through the extraction and processing of minerals and provision of infrastructure and site rehabilitation, etc. ..., we expect that in the coming years to be closer to a plant nuclear world "sun"! We do not claim we love Jordan more than anyone else, but Balgali economic Highlands and also make it safe and healthy for generations to come, we will not accept the possibility of a disaster, even if the probability and a billion, radiation contamination is more dangerous types of pollution undisputed, and the value of the house with his family and its population and its vital environment, if you spend population and creation and zero distortion, natural life, will remain the nation as we know it?
You teams responsible for promoting nuclear energy is ready to assume responsibility for any accident in the future and compensate for damage caused by radioactive contamination and therefore short-term goal of damage to people and plant and animal production and water pollution surface and groundwater, and also in the long run in terms of dealing with cases of cancer and birth deformities and leukemia and other diseases that are more expensive to treat others at all? Cloud scattered radiation caused by the Chernobyl disaster and contaminated areas affected area of ​​200.00 square kilometers, twice the area of ​​Jordan, We are willing to compensate for the Jordanian people and generations to come! There are conditions to create a nuclear project: raw materials, sustainability and quality, technology nuclear fuel production, the nature and size of its capital, monopolies theoretical and practical competence and development, to achieve a minimum level of protection levels Safety the environment and the workers in the country have the ability to science, technology and the ability to reduce the pollution caused by the industry as a whole and the proportion of electricity compared with total electrical pregnancy, positive and popular consensus. These are all conditions that are at our disposal? I do not think any of these conditions be found, not in the quality of the raw materials level and not at the level of sustainability, or to have the technology or capital, even at the level of a safety culture, and I think we All agree on this .......

Is energy Renewable Energy 2014?

Is energy Renewable Energy 2014?
Although energy is taken into account clean energy its inclusion within the renewable energy list may be a subject of major discussion. to know the controversy we want to know the definition of renewable energy and energy 1st.

Renewable energy is outlined as Associate in Nursing energy source/fuel kind which will regenerate and might fill itself indefinitely. The 5 renewable sources used most frequently square measure biomass, wind, solar, hydro and geothermic.

Nuclear energy on the opposite hand may be a results of heat generated through the fission method of atoms. All power plants convert heat into electricity mistreatment steam. At atomic power plants, the warmth to form the steam is made once atoms split apart - known as fission. The fission releases energy within the type of heat and neutrons. The free neutrons then goes on to hit alternative neutrons and repeat the method, thence generating a lot of heat. In most cases the fuel used for fission is metallic element.
Arguments For Nuclear As Renewable Energy

Most supporters of energy suggests the low carbon emission side of energy as its major characteristic to be outlined as renewable energy. in line with atomic power opponents, if the goal to make a renewable energy infrastructure is to lower carbon emission then there's no reason for not as well as energy in this list. [1]

But one in all the foremost attention-grabbing arguments for as well as energy within the renewable energy portfolio came from physiologist L Cohen, former academic at University of Pittsburg. academic Cohen outlined the term 'indefinite'(time span needed for Associate in Nursing energy supply to be property enough to be known as renewable energy) in numbers by mistreatment the expected relationship between the sun (source of star energy) and also the earth. in line with academic Cohen, if the metallic element deposit may be proved  to last as long because the relationship between the world and Sun is meant to last (5 billion years) then energy ought to be enclosed within the renewable energy portfolio. [2]

In his paper academic Cohen claims that mistreatment stock farmer reactors (nuclear reactor ready to generate a lot of fissile material than it consumes) it's attainable to fuel the world with energy indefinitely. though the quantity of metallic element deposit obtainable might solely offer energy for regarding one thousand years, academic Cohen believes actual quantity of metallic element deposit obtainable is far quite what's thought-about extractible immediately. In his arguments he includes metallic element that might be extracted at the next price, metallic element from the ocean water and conjointly metallic element from eating away earth crust by watercourse water. All of these attainable metallic element resources if employed in a reactor would be enough to fuel the world for one more five billion years and thence renders energy as renewable energy. [2]
Arguments Against Nuclear as Renewable Energy

One of the largest arguments against as well as energy within the list of renewable is that the indisputable fact that metallic element deposit on earth is finite, in contrast to star and wind. To be counted as renewable, the energy supply (fuel) ought to be property for Associate in Nursing indefinite amount of your time, in line with the definition of renewable energy.

Another major argument planned by the opponents of as well as energy as renewable energy is that the harmful nuclear waste from atomic power reactors. The nuclear waste is taken into account as a radioactive  waste material that goes against the notion of a renewable energy supply. [1] shrub Mountain is one in all the examples used very often to prove this time. Most of the opponents within the United States of America conjointly purpose at the very fact that whereas most renewable energy supply might render the United States of America energy freelance, metallic element would still keep the country energy dependent as United States of America would still have to be compelled to import metallic element. [1]

It appears like at the guts of discussion lies the confusion over the precise definition of renewable energy and also the needs that must be met so as to be one. The recent statement by Helene Pelosi, the interim director General of genus Irena (International Renewable Energy Agency), expression genus Irena won't support energy programs as a result of its an extended, sophisticated method, it produces waste and is comparatively risky, proves that their call has nothing to try and do with having a property offer of fuel. [3] And if that is the case then nuclear proponents would have to be compelled to puzzle out the simplest way to touch upon the nuclear waste management issue and alternative political implications of atomic power before they'll raise genus Irena to rethink as well as energy within the renewable energy list .