Monday, September 2, 2013

Berlin residents want the local power grid and management buy 2014

Transformation of energy in Germany , nuclear power, coal, oil and natural gas to renewable energy , not to stop the spread of devices , photovoltaic roofs, but the ambition of the citizens at this point , there are those who think of buying the electricity grid of the city, according to the newspaper " the Guardian English .And it came to these illusions of youth under 25 years for the formation of the cooperative movement , a network of the city of Berlin in the provision and operation of the citizens, if the Foundation "Swedish Vattenfall has it . Selling for during the development of the next yearThese include the movement now , which was founded by two students , about a thousand members , each of whom paid $ 500 € per share , and raised the amount of movement of 5.5 million euros .The amount collected is still a small movement , where experts the current network , estimated at € 800 million say, and the company claims that the value of 3 billion euros , and the movement has faced competition from other disciplines interested in buying the current network of city.It will be able to submit an offer for them Serso network that has operated in the period from 2015 to 2035.Started activists in Hamburg and other German cities similar campaigns for the restoration of the management of the local electricity network in these cities , and in the city " Chunao " of the population through the cooperative management of the electricity network in the local town from the nineties , and now this city how they carry themselves is a good example for the rest of the German cities .Network and you get a large electrical Berlin in Germany for more than 90 % of its electricity from coal, which is a high percentage Disabled Germany 's obligations in relation to climate change , but also hinder their objectives in the field of renewable energy.In case of success of the Berlin to buy the local power grid in the city, pumps are useful to develop the network and to accelerate renewable energy projects